Monday, September 2, 2013

September 1st Newsletter

Good morning, Miche Lovers!

Yesterday morning, I got up super early while camping in order to drive
to a semi-nearby coffee shop for internet reception to get my
newsletters sent out to all you Miche Lovers. 

Well, that didn't work out as I had planned 
(coffee shop closed, they didn't leave free wifi access, my laptop
wouldn't wake up or connect to what little roaming access I had).

I came home late yesterday afternoon and while searching for
a few extra last minute pieces of information, I realized 
that more info would be coming  to us Miche Reps from Miche's 
head office on the evening of September 3rd.

With that information coming, I will be waiting to send
out my newsletter until September 4th - in order to give you
all the information on September's upcoming specials!!

So I guess everything does happen for a reason! 

Thank you for your patience & understanding!
I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend :)

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