Friday, October 26, 2012

Product Spotlight: Hope ♥

With Breast Cancer Awareness month coming to a close, we want to share one more story about a courageous woman who was taken too soon by the devastating disease.

This story comes from Miche Representative, Christine Mandoske.
I’d like to tell you about a special friend of mine, Natalina Valdina Marti. I met Natalina in the 9th grade, over 34 years ago. Natalina and I attended high school together and remained friends forever. We got married and started families and Natalina outscored me by having six children to my two! As life would have it, our children attended school together, which kept us connected—we were “supermoms” on every committee at the school! Natalina’s strength and endurance were put to the test during her long battle with breast cancer. For seven years my friend fought harder than anybody I have ever known in my life. While receiving treatments for her cancer and continuing her life as wife and mother, miraculously Natalina attended college. She pursued a Master’s degree in Secondary Math.

Natalina’s daughter, Krysta, attends NY School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Krysta joined Miche in October 2011 and eagerly anticipated her Launch Party, which was to be hosted by her mom, Natalina. Unfortunately, Natalina was taken from us by this horrible disease.
I promised Natalina that I would take Krysta under my wing and teach her not only to be a wonderful Miche Representative, but also to use the skills and strengths her mother taught her in each and every aspect of her life.

Although Natalina could not be with Krysta for her Launch Party, she was there in spirit. Krysta worked extremely hard on making a beautiful invitation, inviting people to support her new career and cancer research. Krysta set up a beautiful display table and the most special part of all was the centerpiece. We took Natalina’s personal Hope Shell, and made a beautiful centerpiece out of it. The support from Krysta’s friends and family was overwhelming, proven not only by her successful Launch Party but also by the generosity of those who made extra donations.

Krysta worked hard this summer to save money for college, but still donated a portion of her personal earnings as well. Her selfless generosity exemplifies the true meaning of hope every day. My hope is that we will find a cure so that young women like Krysta can have their mothers by their side for a very long time. Krysta’s spirit of hope continues as many guests booked their own Hope-themed Miche Parties in memory of Natalina.

Thank you, Jennie!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

November 2012 Releases: Tara, Monica & Kara - now retired

Colder winds usher in the onset of the holiday season. It’s a time for making great memories with family and friends and this collection is all about cherishing those memories.

Whether your plans include a family get-together or toasting with champagne at a black-tie affair, you will be sure to make an entrance with any one of our memorable and on-trend styles from the Cherish Collection.

Tara, Monica and Kara Demi Shells


Anastasia Prima Shell ~ November 2012, Retired


Prima Shell / Premium Shell 
The look is young. 
The look is on-trend. 

And to top it all off, the Anastasia for Prima Bags has a to-die-for deep currant
wine purple that seems to glow from within.  Marbled croc print faux leather 
features double buckle detailing, black accent pieces and side pockets. 

Anastasia is ready for an afternoon on the town, carrying your laptop to work or 
whatever else you have planned today.

Charlee Prima Shell ~ November 2012, Retired


Prima Shell / Premium Pricing

European styling and *goes with anything* classic cream color combine
to create a look that is both elegant and timeless.

The Charlee Prima Shell is for the woman that insists on looking stylish
every time she steps out the door.

You'll love the delicate woven accent piece on the front, soft pleating
details, antique brass hardware and back zippered pocket.

Brenda Demi Shell ~ November 2012, Retired


Demi Shell / Premium Pricing

Turn heads wherever you go with the Brenda Shell for Demi Bags!

You’ll love the drama of her dark pine needle green faux
leather with high-gloss black abstract leopard spots, covered button 
accents, and black piping details. 

Brenda is a showstopping statement accessory for your favorite black outfit. 
Also has side pockets.

Ana Demi Shell ~ November 2012, Retired


Demi Shell / Signature Pricing
Who isn’t crazy for purple? 

Ana for Demi Bags features a particularly alluring marbled shade of deep 
currant wine, made vibrant by faux leather in a chic croc print. 

Black accents down the front and across the top of her side pockets complete
the look. Ana adds a subtle splash of gorgeous to your favorite black tee or jacket.

Kara Demi Shell ~ November 2012, RETIRED!


Demi Shell / Premium Pricing

Like to be the center of attention? 

The Kara for Demi Bags boasts an undeniable “wow factor” that 
definitely  leaves a lasting impression. 

You’ll love Kara’s sexy faux leather snakeskin print in shades of black and grey. 
The look is capped off with silver buckle accent hardware, matching detailing 
and end pockets.

Time to shine!

Constance Demi Shell ~ November 2012, Retired


Demi Shell / Signature Pricing

European styling combines with light and frothy cafe-au-lait creamy
faux leather to create a Shell that is both unique and timeless.

Everyone needs a winter white Shell for their Demi Miche collections and
Constance makes a charming addition.
You'll love the delicate woven accent piece on the front, soft pleating
details, antique brass hardware and back zippered pocket.

Lois Demi Shell ~ November 2012, Retired

Demi Shell / Premium Pricing

Imagine the dark beauty of a moonless night. 
Imagine deep grey clouds flitting gently across the horizon. 

The mystery and enchantment of such a scene is perfectly captured in the 
Lois Shell for Demi Bags. 

Faux leather crock print in the deepest midnight blue is offset by charming 
grey double buckle detailing, white contrast stitching and side pockets.

Lois looks great with jeans and a t-shirt or slacks and a blazer.

Monica Demi Shell ~ November 2012 (Retired)

 Demi Shell / Premium Pricing
You like to light up a room and you believe your handbag should be an outward 
reflection of your inner sparkle. The Monica for Demi Bags says happiness, confidence 
and high style—all wrapped up in one perfect Shell. 

Patent faux leather in candy apple red features a distinctive marble design print, 
back zippered pocket and a super-high-gloss finish.

Anabell Classic Shell ~ November 2012, Retired


Classic Shell / Premium Pricing
Casual yet classy, the Anabell for Classic Shells is ready for an afternoon 
at the movies or an impromptu shopping spree. She just may become 
your new “forever favorite!” 

Rich marbled faux leather croc print in deep currant wine purple
features smart black front buckle detailing with silver hardware, white 
contrast stitching and end pockets.

 Anabell and Connie Classic Shells

Tara Demi Shell ~ November 2012, Retired


Demi Shell / Standard Pricing
You say you love metallics and you love reptile prints? 

The Tara Shell for Demi Bags gives you everything you love and more. 

High-gloss coppery bronze metallic faux leather in a stylish lizard print has rich 
brown accents along the top along with a healthy dollop of attitude! 

Tara’s the perfect way to add flair to virtually any warm-toned outfit. 
Has side pockets, too.

Becky Classic Shell ~ November 2012, Retired


Classic Shell / Signature Pricing
Hello, powerful! You’ll really make an entrance with the Becky Shell—she’s a 
true statement piece that adds a touch of drama to your Classic Miche collection. 

Becky is the ideal finishing touch for all-black outfits in casual, career
and evening settings. Dark pine needle green faux leather with high-gloss black 
abstract leopard spots, covered button accents and black piping.

Connie Classic Shell ~ November 2012, Retired


Classic Shell / Premium Pricing 
Luscious creamy color and ultra-soft faux leather make the Connie Shell for 
Classic Bags your new must-have neutral accessory for any season. 

She adds a touch of femininity to your power suit or a dab of elegance to 
jeans and a sweater. You’ll love the delicate woven accent piece on the front, soft 
pleating details, antique brass hardware and end pockets.

Ariana Petite Shell ~ November 2012, Retired


Petite Shell / Premium Pricing
Let’s talk vibrant and rich and chic and sassy. 
Let’s talk blue jeans or a crisp white shirt or your favorite little black dress.
Let’s talk Ariana for Petite Bags! 

She’s versatile enough to dress down or dress up—the choice is yours. 
Gorgeous marbled faux leather croc print in deep currant wine purple 
features black accents and end pockets.

Carolyn ~ Petite Shell, November 2012 - Retired


Petite Shell / Premium Pricing
The Carolyn for Petite Bags is a lovely little gem brimming with elegance and grace. 
This Shell makes the ideal accessory for a romantic candlelit dinner 
or an evening at the ballet. 

You’ll delight in her ultra-soft lightly-textured faux leather in a
perfect shade of cream that goes with just about any outfit. 

Carolyn features a delicate woven accent piece on the front,
soft pleating details, antique brass hardware and end pockets.

Char Hip Bag ~ November 2012, Retired


Char Hip Bag

The Char Hip Bag combines the timeless elegance of tweed with 
modern styling to create the ideal take-anywhere accessory for the woman on the go. 

Black and white tweed fabric features black faux leather collar and long chain handle. 
Bag is completely self-contained—it is not interchangeable like our traditional bags. 

Interior has three credit card slots and zipped pocket. Zipper closure. 

Length: 10”; height: 7.75”; handle width: .75”; handle drop: 22”.

Cream Braided Fashion Handles ~ November 2012 (Retired)


Braided Fashion Handles in Cream

Gorgeous faux leather cream handles are braided for extra allure and 
add a touch of luxury to your Miche Bag. 

Length: 23”; width: .75”; handle drop: 11.5”.

Red Patent Interchangeable Handle Straps ~ November 2012

Interchangeable Red Patent Handle Straps

Jazz up your Interchangeable Handles with this high octane pair of 
rolled glossy candy apple red straps. 

Matches our Adrianna and Monica Shells and perfect complements either 
silver or antique brass hardware. 

Length: 12”; width: .75”.

Red Patent Wristlet ~ November 2012, Retired


The Wristlet is the perfect little take-along for your 
next dinner party or an evening at the club. It comfortably holds your 
mobile phone, lipstick, credit cards and car keys. 

This style features patent faux leather in high-energy candy apple red 
with silver buckle detail. Red/black/grey/tan abstract leopard print 
fabric-lined interior with three credit card slots; top zipper closure. 

Dimensions: 4 ½” tall x 8” long; strap width: ¾”; strap length: 7”.

Silver Snake Wristlet ~ November 2012, Retired


The Wristlet is the perfect little take-along for your next dinner 
party or an evening at the club. It comfortably holds your mobile phone, 
lipstick, credit cards and car keys. 

This style features sexy faux leather snakeskin print in shades of black 
and grey with a high gloss finish. Purple/black/sage print fabric-lined interior 
with three credit card slots; top zipper closure with magnetic flap. 

Dimensions: 5” tall x 9” long; strap width: 1/2”; strap length: 7”.

Miche's November 2012 New Releases - Available Nov 1st!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Behind the Name: Adrian



Surprisingly, not all of our Shells are inspired after women; at times, they are named after a special man or boy in our lives. The Adrian Shell came from one of our Design Team members, who was inspired by its beautiful blue material that matched her nephew’s eyes. Adrian has a very special story of his own and in honor of National Spina Bifida Awareness month we have decided to share his story.

Here is Adrian’s story written by his mom, Chelsey Ulibarri:

The day we found out that Adrian had Spina Bifida is a day I will always remember as if it were yesterday. It was the day after the Super Bowl. My boyfriend and I were so excited because this was the day we were hopefully going to find out if we were going to be having a little boy or a little girl! After the ultrasound was completed the nurse had simply stated she needed to make a call and disappeared for a long period of time. The first 5 minutes felt fine but as time passed I was able to sense that something wasn’t right; when the nurse finally returned she passed the phone to me and told me they wanted to talk to me. My heart instantly dropped and every bad thought imaginable flooded my head to the point that I was only hearing every other word the woman was saying. I had never heard of Spina Bifida until that moment and was unclear what it meant and how it was going to impact my baby’s life as well as mine.

That same day we were sent to a high-risk clinic to meet with a geneticist. She began to explain to us what Spina Bifida was: a birth defect of the spine. Think of a zipper. You zip your jacket up to the top and there is a bubble where the “zipper” is no longer connected; essentially that is what happens to the spine on a baby with Spina Bifida: the spine never fully develops. That’s how it was explained to me and that is still how I explain it to this day.

The day I went into labor was the third scariest day of my life because I didn’t know what to expect when my son was born. Like most Spina Bifida births, our delivery would be via C-section, as this method is safer and less traumatic for the baby’s opening in the back.

When Adrian was born, all I heard was a brief cry and then he was gone. He was immediately taken away for evaluation. I wasn’t able to hold Adrian until 2 days after he was born; I relied on pictures that my boyfriend and family members would show me since we were at different hospitals. For any parent I am sure you can understand that this wasn’t easy and I had a hard time dealing with it all.
We spent our first month at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. Adrian underwent major surgery and was having trouble with his breathing. We spent every day there with him from morning until night; I couldn’t tell you the amount of tears I cried watching him go through everything in that first month. We ended up being allowed to go home with oxygen support but that only lasted 2 weeks before we were back at the hospital due to his having excessive fluid in his brain. He underwent another surgery to have a shunt placed in his brain that he will now have for his entire life.

Adrian had to have multiple hospital visits which included an additional surgery at 8 months old. He had to be catheterized at home and was dependent on oxygen for a long time.

Adrian’s level of Spina Bifida is an L4-L5. Adrian cannot feel from the knees down and was born with clubbed feet,Ad which will have to be operated, and he’ll get a series of castings to help correct them.

Due to the lack of sensation, Adrian cannot walk alone but does have a walker and leg braces to assist him; at this point in the game I think this is what is hardest for me. My son has the most vibrant personality with so much energy and it kills me to see him watch other kids running or climbing knowing that he has a desire to do these same things.

It hurts because from the very beginning of this journey I have felt the guilt that it is somehow my fault that my son has to go through all this. As a parent you want to take the pain away from your child but in some cases you can only put on the front that you’re strong because hopefully that will make your child just as strong; but our children are stronger than we think.

I see my son looking at everybody as if he is missing out, but the reality of it is my son knows no differently and has learned to adapt to do the things he wants to do. I remember when Adrian had his leg correction surgery and I had been crying, he woke up and the first thing he said to me was, “Why you crying, Mom?” He has never let any of his life moments get him down and I have never seen my son truly sad. My son’s spirit has been what has kept me going; he has changed who I am and my outlook on life and is the prime example of happiness. Because he is strong, he has made me strong.
I wouldn’t change anything about my son, because I firmly believe my son is who he is today because of the things life has thrown our way; I am where I am in life because of what we have experienced. Our life has proven to us that adversity is truly a blessing in disguise and although our journey has only begun, our optimism will keep us going.

To this day nobody is completely sure what causes this disease. Scientists say it is most likely due to a combination of inherited (genetic), environmental, and nutritional factors. Many believe not having enough Folic Acid during and prior to pregnancy increases your chances of a child having Spina Bifida. If you would like to learn more about this increasingly more common birth defect please visit

Friday, October 5, 2012

Style Watch: Winter 2012

Our winter Shell, Snowflake, is the perfect way to celebrate the season. With its delicate snowflake pattern and silvery hue, it is understated and bold all at once. It is a look that will lighten your step and warm your heart all season long!

How to Wear your Snowflake with Style:

Shimmer and glimmer: The silver color of Snowflake opens up all kinds of winter wonderland accessories possibilities for you! Pair her with a shiny silver statement necklace (see photo above) or an armful of silvery bangles.

Starry Eyes: This time of year, cosmetic stores are bursting with eye shadows in shades of silver, pearlized white, icy blues and other cool hues that complement both the frosty season and your Snowflake Shell. Try something new!

The Perfect Coat: Snowflake is the ideal accessory that goes with just about any coat color. Lucky you! Make sure now that your winter apparel is clean and ready for when the snow flies. Put Snowflake over your shoulder, throw a silvery scarf around your neck and you’re ready to SHINE all winter long. Have fun!

The holidays will soon be upon us, so why not look ahead and get your shopping off to a great start?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hope ♥ Free Charmer with purchase of select Hope Shells, Oct 2012 - Retired


Thanks to the numerous requests we have received over the years from both Representatives and customers, we were inspired to create Hope—our first Shell with a true cause—to do our part in the fight against cancer. Cancer has an effect on every individual, in one way or another, and we believe with the release of our series of Hope Shells and the important message they represent, that we have found a meaningful way to give back to our Miche family members and their communities.

These are our Premium Shells we simply call; Hope

When you first see them, you notice the designs for the various Hope Shells focus on actual quotes collected from many individuals who have been through the fight against cancer. When you purchase one, you will see a tag attached to your Hope Shell containing a picture and personalized quote by very special person who has fought and won their own personal battle against this disease. 

Project Hope is now in its third year, and Miche is committed to continuing donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every Hope Shell to cancer research facilities all across the country 10 months out of twelve each year. The Miche Bag team is 100% committed to our Hope initiative. 

We invite you to join us in sharing the inspiring message Hope has to offer as we strive to give back and make a difference in the fight against cancer!


Get Double Hostess Rewards!

Twice the rewards means twice the shopping fun—for YOU!

For a Limited Time Only—Sweet Hostess Rewards Get Even Sweeter! 

The rewards for hosting a Miche Party are already amazing—you can get many of your favorite products FREE or at a discount. With the Double Hostess Rewards promotion, your rewards double when you host a qualifying Party of $200 or more. For example, if your Party sales total is $600, you get an additional $60 for a total of $120 in Hostess product credit. You also get to purchase four (4) half-priced Shells instead of two (2). What a great way to shop for holiday gifts for the Miche fan in your life—or for yourself!

So from now until October 31st, you will earn 
DOUBLE HOSTESS REWARDS when you have a qualifying party! 
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