Storage and Care for Your Miche Bag:

The best way to store your Classic Miche Shells is to keep them in a cool, dry area and stack them flat. DO NOT TRI-FOLD THEM!! Fold them in 1/3rds only, as shown in photo below.

Do not to over stuff your purse. This will cause your base to be mis-shaped and force the magnets away from each other.

In order to keep your shells looking great for years of future use, you will want to put something in between them when you stack them. You can use clean soft cloth diapers or a piece of tissue paper. This will prevent any "color transfer”, which is when a darker shell marks on a lighter shell. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid “color transfer” when using certain shells, as your purse will hit & bump objects or rub against your clothing. MAKE SURE TO ALSO DO THIS WITH THE BIG BAG SHELLS!

Another great way to store your Classic Miche Shells is to use our Miche Bag Closet Organizer. It will hold 13 shells: 6 on one side, 7 on the other. If you do use our Closet Organizer, be sure to wrap lighter color shells with tissue paper so there is no color transfer from the black material used for Miche’s Closet Organizer.

When stacking your Classic Miche Shells, you will want to rotate them so the "feet" match up with the "inside" of a cover that it is stacked against. Kinda hard to explain, but I think you can see what I mean when I "fan" out the stack in the photo below. This will prevent indents (from the feet) on your stacked shells.


WHEN CHANGING SHELLS on your base, make sure to remove the shells from the center top, NOT at the corners.  Over time, if you always pull on the corners they will start to bend leaving “dog ears”.

Also, remove the shells with your thumbs, NOT your nails. Constantly removing shells with your nails will start to scratch the edges of your shells.

Your new Miche Bag is made from the finest man made and natural fibers. They are made to be stylish and durable. To keep your Miche Bag looking as new as possible, we suggest you follow the following care Instructions:

When cleaning shells with canvas, vinyl and cotton outer covers, we suggest you use warm water and a mild detergent on a damp cloth. When cleaning shells with faux leather or faux croc outer covers, we suggest you use warm water only on a damp cloth.

The outer covering on the base bag is made out of natural and man made fibers. It is very durable and will withstand the demands your new Miche Bag will experience. When cleaning, use a damp cloth and warm water with a mild soap or detergent.

NOTE: ScotchGard is not recommended & will void warranty!
Remember that the lighter shells can and will absorb dark colors.
Store lighter shells with a barrier next to the darker shells.
Be cautious with jeans/jackets rubbing against lighter shells.


  1. Hi there, glad I stumbled upon this site, I loved scrolling through all the shells with their helped me identify a few in my own collection whose names I didn't know! Anyways...any advice on how to get a very strong smoke odor out of the shells? I got a real score (or so I thought) on eBay, but smoke practically billowed out of the box when I opened it. I tried scrubbing down the shells and the hanging thing with soapy water, and even submerged the 2 canvas slip-on shells IN the soapy water but they still reek so bad my husband, who is a smoker (outside only!) can't stand the smell of them! At this point I only want to clean them up well enough that I can resell them in 'as is' condition...I'm so sad, as I was really looking forward to these. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks!

    1. Hi M ~ Oh gosh, sorry to hear about the smokey smelling shells! How disappointing for you :( How about trying some dryer sheets inside a HUGE ziplock baggie.. and letting them sit for a long, looooong time... or maybe spritz Febreze inside & out, then leave in ziplock baggie? If you live in a sunny warm area, you can lay them out in the sun - I've heard that some smells somehow disappear with the UV rays.. Ugh.. I'm so sorry!! I did a quick search and another thing I thought of was baking soda or charcoal, but I'm not sure how you would go about to apply it? This website seems to have some good ideas : and like this website said, it might take some time to get the odors to lighten up.. so keep trying! Let me know how you do!! Good luck :)

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