Saturday, June 25, 2011

Miche Bag's "Unlock Our Vault" Mystery Box Event ~ July 1-31st

June 25th, 2011

If you can endure the winter of discontent with a smile,
                                                                         the summer of contentment will surely follow

Happy July, My Miche Lovers ~

I hope this email finds you each enjoying your summer with family, friends & loved ones! July in the Pacific NW is our 'unofficial' start of our summer, so we are starting to see more sunny days and less rain. I hope the sun continues to stick around, because we sure had a long, wet winter/spring. The sun not only recharges our batteries from the long winters, but also brings around our family & friends for some fun in the sun here on the Columbia river... And spending that time with them brings a smile to my heart and soul 

Please be sure to read all this emailed information, because you might miss something important... like a surprise straight from Miche Bag Headquarters!! Keep reading...

We've had some popular items released lately, which sold out within days. One in particular was the Hope Shell in White. What a beautiful, feminine Shell! If you were one of the few to purchase one right after she was released, consider yourself lucky! I still get requests for her daily. A couple of our new releases for July will be quite limited - so if you are interested in them, please notify my ASAP!

Another Shell that ended up being so limited upon her release is the cute Sunny Mini Shell (she is the same material as Allie). When Miche ordered these Shells months ago, Mini sales were not that popular. So they went off of what the current number of sales of Mini Shells were at that time (by the way; that is how they judge to order/make all products, items, Shells, etc)... Well the popularity for the Mini's has changed!! I knew if I posted her photo, I would of gotten tons of requests to purchase her... so I didn't want to tease you with her photo. I will be posting her photo under the Retired Shells, but please note that I do not have her for you to purchase. 

Happ*4th* Birthday to Miche Bags!!
Can you believe it's only been 4 years since this fabulous invention was brought to us by Michelle Romero?? Thank you, Michelle!

To celebrate this special hangbag, a few teammates and myself will be having a "Birthday Party Booth" on July 9th. We are trying to get into the Gresham Farmers Market for a few weeks now and unfortunately, it's still not written in stone... BUT ~ we will have a booth somewhere on the East Side!
If you would like to come look at all the Miche Goodies we have (New and Retired stuff), please come by and see me!! Email me to let me know you want to be notified of our exact booth location! I would LOVE to see you and I know you want to see all the recent releases, right?!?! :)

** JULY 2nd UPDATE ** Our Eastside Miche Bag party will be held on July 16th at Gresham's Art Walk in Downtown Gresham. Our booth will be in front of Real Deals: 436 N. Main. Stop by to say "Hi", check out our newest Miche Bag Shells (possibly a few retired), take advantage of Miche Bag's "Unlock the Vault" July special and celebrate Miche Bag's 4th Birthday with us :)

Retired and very limited items:

Classic Shells:   *  Jodi  *  Scarlet  *  Stacy in Black  *
Big Bag Shells:   *  Abagail  *  Drew  *  Shawna  *  Sophie  *

Retiring soon:  *  Sam  *  Hope in Silver / Yellow  *  

GONE:  * Brandi * Macie * Sandy * 

Exclusive Hostess Only Shells:

We have 2 New FABULOUS *Exclusive Hostess Only Shells*
to join in with Sadie, Shae & Tyra!
Check out Charity & Charlize!! Meow ;)


These Shells are absolutely gorgeous and would be a
fabulous addition to your Miche Bag collection! Classic & timeless!
They are only available for a limited time to
Hostesses that have a qualifying show.

PS: a little Congratulations shout out to Miss Marni for earning
her lovely Shae Shell this past weekend!!

Congratulations, Miss Marni!! :)

BIG NEWS from Miche Bag Headquarters:

I can't wait to hear of all the Shells that you, my Miche Lovers, collect! So exciting :)

And now for the FUN STUFF...  Yay :)

Jessica ~ July 2011


Classic; absolutely classic ~ in every sense of the word!

Rich ruby-red crocodile patterned faux leather with a smart
creamy beige arrow trim and oversized rivet detailing makes the
Jessica *Wrap-Around* Shell for Classic Bags a welcome
addition to your Miche summer collection.

The styling on this Shell is divinely polished!
Are you in a Jessica mood today?

Tammy (PS) ~ July 2011 - Now Retired

Tammy (PS) 

Looking for a Shell that goes with virtually all 
of your earth-toned outfits? The Tammy *Wrap-Around* Shell
for Classic Bags features a rich russet color that is understated yet stunning.

Warm and sophisticated, its sleek criss-cross patterned faux 
leather material with marbled detailing makes Tammy the
Shell of choice for the Sophisticated career woman any time of year!

Fiona (PS) ~ Retired

Fiona (PS)


What's black and chic and wonderful all over?
The classic yet vibrant Fiona Shell for Big Bags!
It's the one you want to slip op for that last minute jaunt
to the beach or for your children's playgroup outing to the park.

Sturdy black canvas material wears beautifully season after season,
and the fun belt loops keep the look fresh and ageless. Comes with an
uber chic black and white daisy print that's also removable -
so it's super easy to customize Fiona any way you like!

Simply fabulous!

Devyn ~ Retired

Devyn ~ Mini Shell

Place order now to get her before she's gone!!

The Devyn Shell for Mini Bags is sweetly offbeat and 
utterly perfect for the gal who likes to get in touch
with her inner soldier yet look feminine at the same time.

Made with sturdy paddy fabric in shades of 
pink, black, olive and sage. The best part?
It's *Slip-On* design gives Devyn two end pockets
for easy cell phone toting!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Charlize ~ EXCLUSIVE Hostess Only Shell, June 2011 - Retired


Charlize is one of our newest 
EXCLUSIVE Hostess Only Shells

They say a leopard can’t change its spots. 
Fortunately, once you lay eyes on this gorgeous addition to 
line, you won’t want to change a thing about the 
Charlize Shell for Big Bags—especially the spots! 

Featuring marble textured faux leather in toasted almond, 
Charlize’s savage sense of style is embodied in 
voguish black piping and the Miche 
leopard-print detail on both the front and the back.

Charity ~ EXCLUSIVE Hostess Only Shell, June 2011 - Retired


Charity is one of our newest 
EXCLUSIVE Hostess Only Shells

Elegance with a touch of “meow” makes the Charity Shell 
for Classic Bags really purr! Marble-textured faux leather 
in toasted almond is offset by black detailing
 and voguish leopard-patterned inset. 

Slip-On styling gives you two convenient extra 
pockets for storage. Charity is a delight that you’ll 
be proud to carry on your arm anywhere!

New Exclusive Hostess Only Shells Added: Hello, Charlize & Charity ♥ - Retired

Better pictures of Charity and Charlize
will be posted as soon as they are available :)

PS: How GORGEOUS are they??

Friday, June 17, 2011

Update on products:

Just a quick update on certain Miche Bag items:

We still have Black Wallets and Pink Wallets in stock! Order yours here today!

Classic Shells now retired: * Scarlet *  Stacy in Black *
Big Bag Shells now retired: * Drew *  Sophie *

We still have a few (like just a couple) older retired Miche Bag Shells on the shelf. Go to my ordering site, enter their names and purchase them before they are gone for good: Kenzie, Audrey in Red, Kimberly in Chocolate, Karilee, Alina, Joie, SabrinaTaylor, Jen in White, Darla, Mindi, Elizabeth, Mini Noel, Christa - good luck on your capture!!!

Hope in White (both Classic and Big Bag Shells) are now SOLD OUT, but you can still participate in the fight back against cancer with these fabulous retired Hope Shells:

Hope Shells in Black/White: Classic and Big Bag
Hope Shells in Yellow : Classic and Big Bag
Hope Shells in Silver/Pink: Classic and Big Bag 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Julia (PS) ~ Retired

Julia (PS):

If you missed Julia the first time around, she's back for an Encore!!
Miche Bag has just brought her back due to popular demand!
Add her to your collection before she sells out again!!

She is a dark purple/eggplant faux leather shell with
black faux leather accents.