Saturday, December 25, 2010

Alexandra ~ Retired

Alexandra ♥

Alexandra is all class, with a little hint of a walk on the wild side.

Think Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. 
Brown leopard print will add a bit of bite to any out fit and the look is both 
luxurious and sophisticated: the perfect complement to your favorite outfit!

Indulge your animal instincts by adding red handles 
for an unexpected punch of color. Rawrrr!

Alexandra is a standard Classic Shell ♥

Samantha ~ Retired

Samantha ♥

Flirty and fun, Samantha is the perfect Shell to chase away those winter blues! Hot bubble gum pink is the color of the day and the patent 
faux leather texture material is retro yet totally now.

Samantha is all about Valentines, sweethearts and indulging 
your flirtatious side whenever the mood strikes you.

If you prefer a smaller version, be sure to check out Samantha’s Mini sister, Sam.

Samantha is a standard Classic Shell ♥

Phoebe (PS) ~ January 2011, Retired

Phoebe (PS)

Imagine a bowl of burgundy-toned boysenberries sprinkled with sparkling gold dust and you can see the rich color palette that makes Phoebe a true original.

With its luxurious suede-like feel and fashion-forward abstract animal print, this shell 
makes a statement wherever it goes.

Slip a bronze soft wallet into its convenient front zipper pocket and 
you’re ready to take on the new year with style.

Phoebe is a "Limited Edition" Premium Big Bag Shell ♥

Iris (PS) ~ January 2011, Retired

Iris (PS) ♥

Asymmetrical design and a retro feel are what make Iris stand out from the crowd.

Its two-toned shades of silver combined with perfectly-placed stud details and
a shimmering gold hue gives this Shell a mod, yet contemporary feel.

Perfect the look by pairing Iris with black chain handles,
and your handbag will have style a-go-go!

Iris is a "Limited Edition" Premium Big Bag Shell ♥

Alex ~ Retired

Alex ♥

Like its classic-sized sister Alexandra, Alex is the perfect Shell for taking a walk on the wild side while still looking elegant and sophisticated.

Trend-setting brown leopard print adds bite to any out t and the Mini makes Alex a must-have accessory to go along with your little black dress.

It’s a classic design that will give you years of purr-fect pleasure and never go out of style!

Sam ~ Petite Mini Shell, Retired

Sam ♥

There’s no better time to “ Think Pink” than when it’s cold and gray outside.

Sam’s bubble gum patent texture faux leather material and whimsical feel is the perfect antidote to those winter blahs, and it looks great all year long — whenever 
you’re feeling fun and flirty!

Sam’s simple lines let its chic pattern shine through. 
If you need a little more space, check out its coordinating classic-size sister, Samantha.

Liz ~ Petite Mini Shell, Retired

Liz ♥

If you love Elizabeth, you’re going to be sweet on her Mini sister, Liz.
Light taupe in color with a classic Asian-inspired black appliqué
floral print and velvety texture. 

Liz is perfect for when you’re feeling feminine, elegant and sophisticated.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, My Miche Lovers! 

I tried to update my website earlier this morning, but ran out of time! I have the new January 2011 Miche Bag shell releases uploaded on my Facebook and will post them to my webpage when I return home this evening. Sorry for the delay, but ready or not.. our Christmas day has begun!

PS: If you friend request me on Facebook, you will see the new shells ~ and they are CUTE! ( be patient if I don't accept your friendship right away! I'll be spending time with my family today.

Have a wonderful Christmas day with your family, friends & loved ones :)