Monday, April 25, 2011

New Releases ~ May 2011

April 25, 2011

Hello, My Miche Lovers ~
Welcome to May, the lovely month that brings warm sunshine to the beautiful budding flowers. I can't wait to start planting our deck flowers :)


Cream Chain Handles: They are in stock ~ so cute!

Magnetic Key Finders: 
We did receive a few Miche Bag Magnetic Key Finders into our inventory and they are really cute.. BUT I have to warn you that not only will these key finders not have a warranty, but we will not warranty the shells that they are being worn on. The magnets are so strong, they have been leaving rings increased into certain shells. Some magnet key finders have left marks on light shells as well. I am planning on using my magnet key finders on certain shells that I will be using specifically for them, wearing the magent in the same spot each time.

Pink Wallets: This is some bummer news. These pink wallets were so popular, they have already been sold out of Miche Bag's main warehouses and are just a few away from being sold out completely. Their status is now retired and I have heard that they will not be making anymore... but you never know if they make a come back, since Miche Lovers are all over begging for them! If you were planning on purchasing one, you have to get ahold of me ASAP - I cannot guarantee if I can get you one, but I will try my best!

Black Wallets: These have been super popular as well and if they sell out soon, I've heard rumors they will be coming back this fall. Fingers crossed!!

Retired and very limited items:

Mini Shells:  Hope in White/Multi
Classic Shells: Brandi * Brynn * Hope in White/Multi * Jodi * Madelynn
Big Bag Shells: Hope in White/Multi * Sophie * Sandy
Accessories: Bronze Wallets * Pink Wallets

Amber ~ Retired


The brilliant orange color alone is as delicious and summery as 
the juiciest orange picked fresh from the tree.

The unique cobblestone texture of Amber's faux leather also makes this
Shell a delectable standout. Pair this Classic Shell with a simple beige summer
suit or a little black dress and let Amber do all the talking!

Gayle (PS) ~ May 2011 - Retired

Gayle (PS) 

Stripes in strawberry, boysenberry and licorice floating effortlessly
across a frothy cafe'-au-lait background.

Gayle for Classic Bags looks yummy and will feel yummy on your arm, too!
This is the kind of Shell that doesn't just complement an outfit, it 
can absolutely make your look. 

Strip accents in faux crocodile leather are real head-turners!

Abagail (PS) ~ Retired

Abagail (PS)

The soft, subtle colors of its striping detail make Abagail reminiscent of 
the last whispers of a summer sunset.

Graduated shades of pink and taupe grace creamy off-white faux leather.
But Abagail's not all sweetness and light: oversized crocodile pattern on
striping and roomy open exterior back pocket gives this Shell
for Big Bags two sassy twists.

Savannah (PS) ~ Retired

Savannah (PS) 

Bring on the SUNSHINE and bring on the FUN!
The Savannah Shell for Big Bags is more than ready for both.

Textured orange sherbet faux leather features contrasting white stitch and 
truly unique side gather details.

Savannah is for when you wake up feeling sunny, bright
and ready to take on the world with style!

Demi ~ Retired

Demi ~ Mini Shell

YAY! We have a satchel style shell for the Mini Bag now! How cute is that?!?!

"Today" styling and classic hobo chic rolled into one perfect little package. 
It's a combination that makes the sweet Demi for Mini Miche Bags a real winner!

Like her "big sister" the Deniece Shell for Classic Bags, Demi is the 
perfect accessory for a walk in the park or a casual evening out.

Dark blue denim satchel *Slip On* style with cream ostrich accents.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Matching Miche Bags for Mommy & Me on Mothers Day ♥

Some of our FUN matching bags:
     * Hope in White/Multi and Silver/Yellow ~ Big Bag, Classic Bag and Mini Bag
     * Lexi (Big Bag) ~ Jayma (Classic Bag) ~ Sarah (Mini Bag)
     * Lucy (Big Bag) ~ Leila (Classic Bag) ~ Lulu (Mini Bag)
     * Robin (Big Bag) ~ Alyssa (Classic Bag) ~ Paige (Mini Bag)
     * Abbie (Big Bag) ~ Ava (Mini Bag)
     * Alexandra (Classic Bag) ~ Alex (Mini Bag)
     * Cameron (Classic Bag) ~ Cami (Mini Bag)
     * Delilah (Big Bag) ~ Dora (Mini Bag)
     * Elizabeth (Classic Bag) ~ Liz (Mini Bag)
     * Madelynn (Classic Bag) ~ Maddy (Mini Bag)
     * Samantha (Classic Bag) ~ Sam (Mini Bag)

Please note that some shells have retired and are no longer in our stock.