Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elizabeth ~ Retired

She has a silky dark cream background with 
black velvet floral design, trimmed in black...
 very cute and classy!!

Madelynn (PS) ~ Retired April 2011

Madelynn (PS)

Hello bold. Hello sassy. Hello Madelynn! 

Intoxicating fuschia accents combine with a surprising faux leather charcoal floral pattern to give this Classic Shell a truly unique personality all its own. 

Madelynn's convenient exterior pocket is the perfect place to keep a phone, 
lipstick or other small necessities you want to keep handy. 

Love the look? Also pick up Maddy: Madelynn's counterpart for Petite Mini Bags. 

Lauren (PS) ~ Retired

Lauren (PS)
 She has a silky creamy colored background
with a black velvet floral design and trimmed in black.
She is very cute ♥
Lauren is a Premium Shell (PS)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jamie ~ Retired

She is a soft, smooth turquise shell with lime green trim
and a CUTE flower strap across the top.
Simply adorable ♥
She is going to look soooo cute with my adorable little flip flops 
that I got from Becca, huh Brenda??