Monday, December 21, 2009

Katheryn (PS) ~ Retired

Katheryn  (PS)
Prima Shell / Premium Pricing

Erin (PS) ~ Retired

Erin (PS)

  She is an iridescent olive/pewter in color with
a paisley pattern imprint shell. Very unique!
Erin is a Premium Shell (PS)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Natalie Classic Shell ~ Retired

Classic Shell / Signature Pricing

 She is a pleated purple faux leather shell with teal trim.
Very cute! Purple lovers will go gaga over her :)

Annie (PS) ~ Retired

Annie (PS)

She is a distressed faux leather done in 
black with blue-gray trim.
She is a Premium shell (PS)

Christa (PS) ~ Retired

Christa (PS)
She is a smooth classic dark brown shell trimmed in black.
She also has diagonal folded pleats in front.
She looks great with brown or black.
Christa is a Premium Shell (PS)

Stacy in Black (PS) ~ Retired

Stacy (PS) in Black 

If there were ever a Shell that seemed to be “made” for the busy streets of Manhattan, it would have to be the Stacy for Classic Bags. The New York woman is all about Uptown chic, simple elegance and quiet sophistication—and 
Stacy certainly fits that description too. 

Its beauty is in the details: faux belt accent on the front and solid 
black faux leather gathered construction. 

For the full “Big Apple” effect, add our chain handles in black. Love the look but need a bigger size? Check out the Shawna for Big Base Bags. 

Ashley ~ Retired

She is a soft, brown with cream/maize/turquoise-ish blue floral print shell.

Barbara ~ Retired

She is a smooth, soft, bright blue-ish colored shell.

Cori in Pink ~ Retired

Cori in Pink:
She is a bright pink shell in a faux crocodile print.
A "must have" for those who love PINK!!

Brittany (PS) ~ Retired

Brittany (PS)

She is a charcoal textured faux leather shell with 
2 fixed zippers and trimmed in black

Ellie in Black ~ Retired

Ellie in Black:
She is a black faux crocodile shell with large buckle accent.

Ellie in Red ~ Retired

Ellie in Red

Miche is bringing back Ellie in RED
I'm excited and can't wait to get my hands on her!!
I will let you know she is back in stock :)


She is a brown & cream giraffe design shell with a 
red bottom panel and stitching accents. She is very popular 
right now and hard to keep in stock!

PS: My Mom gave me this shell (along with 2 others) for my past birthday.
I've been toting her around this past week! Love her ♥  

Jen in Copper ~ August 2009, Retired

Jen in Copper: 

It's a jungle out there… and what better way to face it than with the snakeskin-textured pattern and sophisticated styling of the Jen Classic Shell? 

It's a look that says "I am strong; I am sexy; I am invincible." 

Jen is also ideal for the practical-minded woman who wants a handbag that is neutral enough to go with any outfit yet will still turn heads 
with its stunning coppery afterglow. 

Try pairing it with our Soft Wallet (bronze) to complete the effect. 

Melissa ~ Retired

She is a black faux leather and faux patent leather shell
with black stitching detail.

Vivian in Metallic Blue ~ Retired

Vivian in Metallic Blue:
She is a steel blue pleated faux leather shell
with a buckle closure over the top.

Taylor ~ Retired

She is a coral orange faux leather shell with plate logo.
She looks great with the black or brown base! Very nice in person!

Vivian in Cream ~ Retired

Vivian (Cream): 

Like the foam on a cappuccino, the rich creamy color of the Vivian Shell for Classic Bags delights the eye and tickles the senses. 

Every woman needs a creamy white handbag on her arm—especially during the warm spring and summer months—and Vivian’s faux leather pleats and chic over-the-top buckle closure lets you step out in style. 

When summer’s really sizzling, pair with our cream handles; and for 
winter-white elegance, switch to chain handles in black. 

Zoe in Blue ~ Retired

Zoe in Blue:
She is a Zebra patterned shell with faux leather in blue detail.

Vivian in Mustard ~ Retired

Vivian in Mustard:
 She is a mustard/maize pleated faux leather shell with
buckle closure over the top.

Zoe in Green ~ Retired

Zoe in Green:
She is a Zebra patterned shell with faux leather in green detail.

Zoe in Pink ~ Retired

Zoe in Pink:
She is a Zebra patterned shell with faux leather in pink detail.

Zoe in Yellow ~ Retired

Zoe in Yellow:
She is a Zebra patterned shell with faux leather in yellow detail.

Allie (PS) ~ Retired

Allie (PS):
She is a maize/yellow patent faux leather shell with a floral imprint.
Very cute in person!

Lacy ~ Retired

She is a big bag shell in a cream colored faux osterich shell
with black faux leather accents.

Cheryl (PS) ~ Retired

Cheryl (PS):
She is a burgundy faux leather shell with double front snap pockets.

Shawna (PS) ~ Retired

Shawna (PS):
She is a smooth black faux leather shell with gather details.

Lexi Prima Shell - Retired


Prima Shell / Signature Pricing

She is a Giraffe printed shell with faux leather red accents.
Very cute!!

Deanna ~ Retired


The Deanna Shell for Big Bags may look all-business at 
first glance, but it definitely has a fun side too! 

Ultra-soft iridescent olive green faux leather in a sassy lizard pattern is 
offset by perfectly-placed conservative black faux leather detailing—making Deanna appropriate for the office yet chic enough to take along to the club later. 

Front zippered pocket is the perfect size for a cell phone and a pair of lipsticks. 

Mary (PS) ~ Retired

Mary (PS)

She is a deep mallard blue faux leather shell with pleat detail.
Mary is a Premium Shell (PS).

Oakley ~ Retired

She is a metallic pewter faux leather shell with gathered detailing.

Jamie ~ Retired


Jackie ~ Retired


Angela ~ Retired


Tanya (Canadian Release Only) ~ Retired

Tanya ~ Classic Shell
Canadian Release Only!

Jessica ~ Retired

Hannah ~ Retired


Geri ~ Retired


Ginger ~ Retired


Emma in White ~ Retired

Emma in White

Emma in Black ~ Retired

Emma in Black

Ellie in Purple ~ Retired

Ellie in Purple

Ellie in Brown ~ Retired

Ellie in Brown

Darla ~ Retired


Crystal ~ Retired


Mia ~ Retired


Cori in Silver ~ Retired

Cori in Silver

Christine ~ Retired


Cori in Red ~ Retired

Cori in Red

?? ~ Retired