Saturday, December 25, 2010

Alexandra ~ Retired

Alexandra ♥

Alexandra is all class, with a little hint of a walk on the wild side.

Think Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. 
Brown leopard print will add a bit of bite to any out fit and the look is both 
luxurious and sophisticated: the perfect complement to your favorite outfit!

Indulge your animal instincts by adding red handles 
for an unexpected punch of color. Rawrrr!

Alexandra is a standard Classic Shell ♥

Samantha ~ Retired

Samantha ♥

Flirty and fun, Samantha is the perfect Shell to chase away those winter blues! Hot bubble gum pink is the color of the day and the patent 
faux leather texture material is retro yet totally now.

Samantha is all about Valentines, sweethearts and indulging 
your flirtatious side whenever the mood strikes you.

If you prefer a smaller version, be sure to check out Samantha’s Mini sister, Sam.

Samantha is a standard Classic Shell ♥

Phoebe (PS) ~ January 2011, Retired

Phoebe (PS)

Imagine a bowl of burgundy-toned boysenberries sprinkled with sparkling gold dust and you can see the rich color palette that makes Phoebe a true original.

With its luxurious suede-like feel and fashion-forward abstract animal print, this shell 
makes a statement wherever it goes.

Slip a bronze soft wallet into its convenient front zipper pocket and 
you’re ready to take on the new year with style.

Phoebe is a "Limited Edition" Premium Big Bag Shell ♥

Iris (PS) ~ January 2011, Retired

Iris (PS) ♥

Asymmetrical design and a retro feel are what make Iris stand out from the crowd.

Its two-toned shades of silver combined with perfectly-placed stud details and
a shimmering gold hue gives this Shell a mod, yet contemporary feel.

Perfect the look by pairing Iris with black chain handles,
and your handbag will have style a-go-go!

Iris is a "Limited Edition" Premium Big Bag Shell ♥

Alex ~ Retired

Alex ♥

Like its classic-sized sister Alexandra, Alex is the perfect Shell for taking a walk on the wild side while still looking elegant and sophisticated.

Trend-setting brown leopard print adds bite to any out t and the Mini makes Alex a must-have accessory to go along with your little black dress.

It’s a classic design that will give you years of purr-fect pleasure and never go out of style!

Sam ~ Petite Mini Shell, Retired

Sam ♥

There’s no better time to “ Think Pink” than when it’s cold and gray outside.

Sam’s bubble gum patent texture faux leather material and whimsical feel is the perfect antidote to those winter blahs, and it looks great all year long — whenever 
you’re feeling fun and flirty!

Sam’s simple lines let its chic pattern shine through. 
If you need a little more space, check out its coordinating classic-size sister, Samantha.

Liz ~ Petite Mini Shell, Retired

Liz ♥

If you love Elizabeth, you’re going to be sweet on her Mini sister, Liz.
Light taupe in color with a classic Asian-inspired black appliqué
floral print and velvety texture. 

Liz is perfect for when you’re feeling feminine, elegant and sophisticated.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, My Miche Lovers! 

I tried to update my website earlier this morning, but ran out of time! I have the new January 2011 Miche Bag shell releases uploaded on my Facebook and will post them to my webpage when I return home this evening. Sorry for the delay, but ready or not.. our Christmas day has begun!

PS: If you friend request me on Facebook, you will see the new shells ~ and they are CUTE! ( be patient if I don't accept your friendship right away! I'll be spending time with my family today.

Have a wonderful Christmas day with your family, friends & loved ones :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Good morning, my Miche Lovers ~

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family and/or loved ones :)

We have a bunch of shells retiring as of November 30th. We have *limited quantities* on each of these shells. Once they are out of our inventory, they will be gone for good:

Classic Shells: Annie & Brittany
Big Bag Shells: Allie, Brianna, Cheryl (sold out), Deanna (sold out), Lacy, Julia

PS: We still have a few classic size Noel shells available... Mini Noels are sold out & gone.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * 

And now the FUN STUFF ~ Our new shell releases for December 2010 (posted below):

Maggie Classic Shell ~ Retired

Classic Shell / Signature Pricing

Brighten up your winter accessories collection with the vibrant and 
delectable color of fresh-picked cranberries.

Alternating textures and a woven design combined with a fresh and original color give Maggie a traditional look with a decidedly contemporary twist.  

Andi (PS) ~ Retired 2011


Andi (PS)

Like sunlight on snow, Andi sparkles with an iridescence 
that will take your breath away. 

The brilliance and whimsy of the shell's embossed white patent faux leather 
material is tempered by classic black strap details and a conveninet 
center pocket, making Andi the perfect choice for holiday party get-togethers. 

Andi is a Premium Classic Shell.

Leah ~ December 2010, Retired


Combining clean and sleek lines with an edgy diagonal zipper pull and 

trendy metal accents, Leah is the perfect mixture of "naughty and nice." 

The beautiful teal green color compliments any holiday shopping outfit and 
will also transition perfectly into spring. 

Leah is definitely a shell for all seasons! Leah is a standard Big Bag Shell.

Natasha Prima Shell ~ December 2010, Retired

Prima Shell / Premium Pricing

Natasha is proof positive that the classic look of tinsel isn't just for decorating trees!

Its metallic taupe color is subtle yet sophisticated and will add 
the perfect amount of shine to your holiday merry making.

Natasha is the ideal shell to help you ring in the new year with both 
sparkle and class. Natasha is a Premium Big Bag Shell

Monday, November 1, 2010

Purse Charms = BLING ♥

Holiday Purse Charm
Cute purse *BLING* with a snowflake and peppermint candy.

(Sorry ~ All sold out)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

November, 2010

Hello, my Miche Lovers ~ Happy November!

Can you believe it's November? Geesh ~ where does the time go? And not to freak you out or anything, but after Thanksgiving (which is in a few weeks and my favorite holiday, btw) is Christmas! But fear not, I have the *perfect* holiday gift ideas for you :)

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Due to the fact that Miche Bag has so many shells available in their current inventory, several shells will be "Retired" as of October 31st. (Some we already knew that they were retiring, but some are new). Our Miche Bag team will have very "limited quantities" on each of these shells (except for Erin - which is sold out). Once they are out of stock, I will no longer be able to get them. If you are wanting to order, please understand that I can not guarantee that I can secure them ~ but I will try my "darndest"!

*These shells will NOT be offered at a reduced price or "on sale", except for the ones that are currently on sale*

Here are the shells that will be *Retired* as of Oct 31st, 2010: 

·         Nine Classic shells:
o   Ellie (red)
o   Ellie (black)
o   Mindi
o   Stacy (light brown)  *Limited Quantities*
o   Barbara
o   Vivian (mustard)
o   Sidney (navy)
o   Lydia (tan)
o   Natalie

·         Nine Big Bag shells:
o   Erin *** Sorry, Sold Out ***
o   Abbie
o   Grace
o   Hilary
o   Wendi
o   Robin
o   Danielle
o   Laney
o   Mary

Also: we are SOLD OUT of the Mini Noels. It does not look like we will be getting any more in :( If we do get any more in, please let me know if you want to be on a "Fingers Crossed" list for her ~ and I can let you know what the outcome is!

Shells retiring soon:
Mini's: Avery, Kayla, Sierra
Classic's: Ashley, Cori in Pink, Hope in Black, Tori
Big Bag's: Hope in Silver

**Please note that just because they are retiring soon, it does not mean they will be going on sale.**

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Have a great day :)  Cheers!

Charlotte (PS) ~ Retired

Charlotte (PS)

Charlotte is a black and gray faux leather with diamond pattern
and an over the top magnetic strap closure. So smart & classy!

She is a Premium Shell and is only available through a rep aka *me* :)

Ella in Red ~ November 2010 (Retired)

Ella in Red  

Ella (in Red) is a bright red patent croc faux leather with plate logo

Whitney Classic Shell ~ November 2010, Retired

Classic Shell / Premium Pricing

Whitney is a pewter ostrich faux leather with full ends, 
making her a satchel style. 

Heidi Prima Shell ~ November 2010, Retired


Prima Shell / Premium Pricing

Heidi is a pleated faux leather in three shades of gray. 

Karen ~ November 2010, Retired

Prima Shell / Signature Pricing

Karen is a deep red faux leather with black accents. 

She is a Big Bag Shell.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October 2010

Happy October, my Miche Lovers ~

Here are the shells that are next to retire:

Big Bags Shells: Abbie, Grace, Hope in Silver, Laney, Wendi

Classic Shells: Ashley, Cori in Pink, Hope in Black, Tori

* Please note that just because they will be retiring soon, that doesn't mean that they will be going on sale *

And now, the "New Releases for October"   ~ wahoo :)

PS: Check out our new wallets below... simply gorgeous!!

Ella in Black ~ October 2010, Retired


Ella is a patent croc faux leather classic shell with a plate logo.

Very classy and elegant.

Noel (PS) ~ Retired

Noel (PS) 

Noel is a gorgeous deep red faux leather shell with 
metal snowflake accents and over the top closure. Noel looks fabulous with
our Red Knot Handles!

Noel is a Holiday Premium Shell.

Stefanie Classic Shell ~ Retired

Classic Shell / Signature Pricing

Stefanie is a satchel style classic shell done in camouflage with
a dark drab brown/black faux ostrich leather detail at top.

Jennifer ~ Retired


Jennifer is a big bag shell done in copper snake print faux
leather with black & copper accents. She has a pocket on each end.

Vanessa (PS) ~ October 2010, Now Retired

Vanessa (Retired) 
Prima Shell / Premium Pricing
Vanessa is a gorgeous big bag shell with a distressed black semi-matte faux leather
bottom and a light taupe/black floral satin accent at the top. 
She has a flap over snap pocket on each end.
Vanessa is a Premium Shell.

Noel ~ Petite Mini, Retired

Noel (Mini)

Noel is a Mini Miche shell in a deep red faux leather with a silver snowflake. Cute 

Randi ~ Petite Mini Miche, October 2010 - Retired


Randi is a Mini Miche shell in a crinkled silver faux  leather.

Mandi ~ Petite Mini Miche - Retired


Mandi is a Mini Miche shell in a crinkled gold faux leather.

Kandi ~ Petite Mini Miche, Retired


Kandi is a Mini Miche shell in a bronze faux ostrich leather.

Miche's Hard Clutch Wallet in Black ~ Retired

Hard Clutch/Wallet in Black 
Has a soft rope style chain, which can be tuck down inside the clutch. 
Very nice and classy!

Soft Bronze Wallet ~ Retired

Soft Bronze Wallet
Very nice soft wallet in a gorgeous bronze/brown tones.

Inside photo of Bronze Soft Wallet

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 2010

Good morning, my Miche Lovers!

I hope this entry finds you all happy and healthy!

Welcome to September! Can you believe it's September 1st already? Yikes! Where did summer go.. or did we even have one?!?! Although I adore the sunshine, I do have to admit that I am looking forward to falling asleep tonight while listening to the rain fall onto the river. Such a peaceful & soothing sound :)

Oh well ~ you can't change Mother Nature's mind, so you might as well go with the flow... and do it in style! Fall is definitely in the air and we have some wonderful new shells to celebrate the beginning of the fall season... but you'll have to wait until I bring you up to speed on what is retired/retiring soon/sale items/sold out.

1.) Cheryl (Big Bag Shell) is sold out.. all gone!

2.) Deanna, Hilary, Julie and Mary (all Big Bag Shells) are now retired and are all 1/2 off. Only a few are left! If you want them in your collection, act now before it's too late!

3.) Erin (Big Bag Shell) is now retired and we have just a couple left.

4. ) Big Bag Shells that are retiring soon: Abbie, Grace, Laney & Wendi

5.) Mini Shells that are retiring soon: Averie, Kayla & Sierra. We are currently out of Kayla, because we had to refuse the last order due to damage that was done during shipping.

6.) Classic Shells that are now retired and are 1/2 off: Annie, Brittany, Roxanne, Vivian in Metallic Blue, Vivian in Mustard.. Only a few are left! Oh.. and guess what?? We just got in a few Roxanne's!

7.) All Zoe's (Classic Shell) are gone.

8.) Classic Shells that are retiring soon: Ashley & Tori

I think that's about it... now for the new shells!!  So, on to the new shells: