Friday, March 7, 2014

Behind the Name: LaNor

By Miche Representative, Karen T.
My mother’s life always focused around her family.  I have so many memories of great times we spent together as I was growing up, from shopping at the mall together to her sneaking around the outside of our house during a kids’ Halloween party dressed up as a witch—scaring us by screaming and cackling through the window.  My mother was very creative and a very fine artist.  She owned a small art gallery where local painters would meet and paint together.  My mother mainly painted landscapes and still lifes—mostly flowers.  She always signed her paintings “LaNor,” which was her middle name, because she felt it sounded artistic.  As time went on, she put her paint brushes aside. When she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer,  she started creating jewelry pieces, “Creations by LaNor,” to take her mind off her cancer. 
When I became a Miche Representative, she loved the concept of the Miche handbags and how she could interchange them.  During her last year of battling cancer, I became inactive with Miche in order to spend more time with her, but she always hoped I would get back into it. That is one of the reasons why—when she passed away almost ten months ago—I decided to return to Miche. It’s what she had hoped I would do. 
I can’t believe the care and thoughtfulness Miche has shown in wanting to name a Shell after my mother. Not only that, but the design department contacted me, wanting to know about my mother so they could create a Shell that would truly reflect her: her favorite colors, her favorite size purse, her favorite season, and the fact that she painted flowers. Now, a Shell has been created that in so many ways symbolizes my mother, and it has come out in the same month as her birthday and her wedding anniversary.  I know my mother is thrilled beyond belief.  I am so touched by what Miche has done—it is truly an organization with a huge heart.
Thank you for sharing your mother’s and your story, Karen. At Miche we know that terrific Representatives like you and Miche-lovers like your beautiful mother are the heart and soul of what we do. You both exemplify that “there’s a little bit of ME in Miche.”

Thank you for sharing your story with us Miche Lovers, Karen T ;)