Friday, June 7, 2013

“Fun Size"... More than just for Candy Bars!

Summer style is casual, laid-back, and most of all: EASY. When it’s time for a fun afternoon of shopping or an open-air concert at the park, less is definitely more! So do yourself a favor—grab a fun size handbag as you breeze out the door.
Think Beyond “One Purse Syndrome”
Too many women get stuck in a One Purse Syndrome rut when it comes to their handbag collection. They carry the same large bag everywhere they go, whether they fill it up or not. For those occasions when you only need to carry your wallet and keys, wise fashionistas have a fun size bag at the ready. Just pop in a few essentials and GO—easy peasy lemon squeezy!
What to Look for in a Fun Size Handbag for Summer
Bright colors: This is not the season to go conservative—go happy and fun.
Interior storage: Just ‘cause it’s small doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be functional. Insist on a zippered inside pocket and even credit card slots.
We all know good things often come in small packages—that’s true for your summertime handbag too!

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