Friday, April 5, 2013

Dreamy Creamy

Versatility in fashion makes life easy and beautiful. Cream is a practical wardrobe staple color that can pull together any outfit. In fact, any vanilla hue can easily be added to a colorful ensemble or blended nicely with neutral threads.
You probably already have some shade of ivory in your closet. One of the simplest ways to use this color is to grab an accessory like a simple soft wallet or handbag. Need some color-blending ideas? Create looks from dreamy to exuberant by combining a variety of rich creams.
• Go romantic. Combine a lacy ecru with pastel pink, lilac, sage and subtle mustard to achieve a dewy glow.
• City chic. Wear bright white with charcoal, soft taupe, terra cotta and blue jeans to plug into your urban side.
• Beach bright. Slip into off-white, aqua, sky blue, indigo and a touch of black for the look of endless summer.
• Carefree color. Put on bright coral, deep navy, reddish brown and a yellow-white for a breathe-easy style.

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