Friday, March 1, 2013

Golden Myths

King Midas loved gold so much that when asked what he desired most in life, he chose to have everything he touched turn to gold. Pretty soon, though, he realized that he couldn’t eat or receive love from the precious ore. You may not be a lover of gold, but you’ll soon see there’s a lot to admire about the shimmering flaxen tone.
Many rules on wearing gold exist and most aren’t founded. If you’re avoiding this prized metallic, here are a few myths debunked.
• Myth: You can’t wear gold and silver together. You can wear metallic together and here’s how: don gold and silver together and wear them right next to each other. When done in a subtle way, burnished hues look spectacular together.
• Myth: Gold went out with the late 90’s and MC Hammer. Gold is way too legit to quit. You don’t have to be a hip-hop mogul to look great in gold. We see it all around the office and on the runway.
• Myth: Gold doesn’t look good with gray. Similarly to wearing gold with silver, putting gold with gray is a great way to keep your gold casual and to really make your shiny accessories shine.
• Myth: Gold is dressy and can’t be worn casually. Gold brightens up any casual look and pulls together the simplest of looks. Our favorite is jeans, a white tee and a gold necklace or golden handles on your favorite handbag.
• Myth: Gold is gaudy. Unless you wear it like a gangster (large chains, golden teeth and big dollar-sign rings), this precious metal can be classic, sophisticated and downright hot!

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