Friday, January 18, 2013

Retro Styling Tips


Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical. What was old is new again and classic looks are timeless. Remember neon and leg warmers? Yep, they’re back—along with lace and old-timey prints. Whether you’re a fan of time travel or not, you can add some vintage elements and jump on the retro trend this season. 

We like these easy-to-replicate vintage looks by decade:

1.Sprinkle in some 20’s flapper fashion with a pair of strappy heels, cloche or fur stole or collar. 
 2.Pepper in a dash of dynamic 30’s-style art deco elements with a retro handbag, earrings and other glamorous accessories. 
 3.Pair ruby red lips with a figure-flattering mermaid skirt or a high, body-hugging waistline in your optimistic and vogue post-war 40’s silhouette. 
 4.Capture the cheer and charm of the 50’s with a sweetheart neckline, pearl necklace and some tortoise-shell print sunglasses or clutch.

Snap a pic of yourself in your favorite retro look and share it with us by following these steps:

1. Follow our Pinterest page:
2. Pin your retro look to your Pinterest page and label it: #micheretro2013
3. Make a comment on our contest pin also called #micheretro2013 include a link to your pinboard in your comment.
4. From those entries, a random pinner will be chosen, and will win a retro style from our Spring 2013 catalogue. 

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