Friday, October 26, 2012

Product Spotlight: Hope ♥

With Breast Cancer Awareness month coming to a close, we want to share one more story about a courageous woman who was taken too soon by the devastating disease.

This story comes from Miche Representative, Christine Mandoske.
I’d like to tell you about a special friend of mine, Natalina Valdina Marti. I met Natalina in the 9th grade, over 34 years ago. Natalina and I attended high school together and remained friends forever. We got married and started families and Natalina outscored me by having six children to my two! As life would have it, our children attended school together, which kept us connected—we were “supermoms” on every committee at the school! Natalina’s strength and endurance were put to the test during her long battle with breast cancer. For seven years my friend fought harder than anybody I have ever known in my life. While receiving treatments for her cancer and continuing her life as wife and mother, miraculously Natalina attended college. She pursued a Master’s degree in Secondary Math.

Natalina’s daughter, Krysta, attends NY School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Krysta joined Miche in October 2011 and eagerly anticipated her Launch Party, which was to be hosted by her mom, Natalina. Unfortunately, Natalina was taken from us by this horrible disease.
I promised Natalina that I would take Krysta under my wing and teach her not only to be a wonderful Miche Representative, but also to use the skills and strengths her mother taught her in each and every aspect of her life.

Although Natalina could not be with Krysta for her Launch Party, she was there in spirit. Krysta worked extremely hard on making a beautiful invitation, inviting people to support her new career and cancer research. Krysta set up a beautiful display table and the most special part of all was the centerpiece. We took Natalina’s personal Hope Shell, and made a beautiful centerpiece out of it. The support from Krysta’s friends and family was overwhelming, proven not only by her successful Launch Party but also by the generosity of those who made extra donations.

Krysta worked hard this summer to save money for college, but still donated a portion of her personal earnings as well. Her selfless generosity exemplifies the true meaning of hope every day. My hope is that we will find a cure so that young women like Krysta can have their mothers by their side for a very long time. Krysta’s spirit of hope continues as many guests booked their own Hope-themed Miche Parties in memory of Natalina.

Thank you, Jennie!

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